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Limited Warranty

Arrow Industries (1982) Ltd Limited Warranty is applicable to the original purchaser as follows:

For A Period of 365 Days From Delivery Date To The First Purchaser:

  1. All aluminum extrusions and hardware items such as locks and handles, vinyl etc.

For A Period Of Five (5) Years From Delivery Date To The First Purchaser:

  1. Factory applied base coat / clear coat paint against peeling, flaking and fading.

For The Life Time Of The Canopy The Mfg. Will Warranty To The First Purchaser:

  1. Cracks in the fibreglass construction (excluding gelcoat cracks)
  2. Separation of the mounting rails from the side wall
  3. Separation of the tri-cell roof system

Conditions Voiding Warranty

  1. Use for any purpose other than normal private use
  2. Altering the cap in any manner without written approval from the MFG.
  3. Misuse, negligence, or accidents
  4. Installation of any part or accessory without written approval from the MFG.
  5. Failure to keep the top securely fastened to the truck box at all times in a manner approved by the MFG. Canopy fasteners should be checked 1 weeks after first installation and then every 3 months after that.


  6. Travel with the door in the open position
  7. Removal of or covering Arrow identification
If a failure under this warranty occurs, the purchaser must within (14) days return the unit at their own expense to an authorized Arrow Dealer. The Dealer will remove the unit, repair it if possible, and if not return it to the manufacturer . The manufacturer shall determine if the defect is covered under the warranty and if so shall repair or replace the defective unit . It is important that experienced persons examine caps, call factory & send digital photos to determine if problem is Warranty before transporting it. In determining what constitutes a failure under the terms of this warranty, the decision of the manufacturer shall be final. If unit replacement is necessary, it is done on a four (4) year pro rata basis. If the unit is found to be outside the Warranty, the purchaser shall be responsible to cover all the costs including removal, installation & transport of the unit.
This warranty is extended to the original purchaser only and is not transferable.

Arrow Industries accepts no responsibility for vehical damage caused by any Arrow product, dealer or

* There is NO Warranty on glass breakage.

The MFG. does not accept any responsibility to any purchaser for warranty expressed or implied by any of its dealers, distributors, or agents beyond that such is contained herein.
Leak Policy 
At Arrow Truck Caps we strive to build the BEST PROTECTION you can give your truck bed and the cargo inside it.  No other bed cover or bed liner provides better protection or security.  Of course, due to the wide variety of conditions that your truck is subjected to, it is impossible to "guarantee" a waterproof environment under all situations. 

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